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Richard Davis - Union Organizer, Rendville, Ohio

The biography section of the archive is dedicated to all people who have lived in the Little Cities area.  Current bio’s have been taken from different written sources, but the Archives welcomes stories anyone and everyone who walked these hills.  Please submit your personal stories by clicking on “Your Story” on the menu bar at the top of the page.

Current biographies  can be accessed in the Category bar on the left side bar of this page or by using the Search tool also available on the left sidebar.  Biographies exist only online, though some of the stories may be repeats from the Library section Books, or from newspaper clippings,  programs etc. available in the Archive’s Artifact section.

2 Responses to “BIOGRAPHY”

  1. Kathy Irwin said

    This man is quite famous in Labor History. He was the first Black organizer for the International United Mine Workers. He was quite literate and wrote elegant pieces for the UMW Journal which can be read online. He was targeted by coal mine owners and nearly starved to death for his union work. Please learn as much about him as you can.

  2. Kathy Irwin said

    In a letter to the United Mine Workers Journal 1898, Richard L. Davis wrote:

    “I would advise that we organize against corporate greed, organize against the fellow who through trickery and corrupt legislation, seeks to live and grow fat from the sweat and blood of his fellow man. It is these human parasites that we should strive to exterminate, not by blood or bullets, but by the ballot”
    ( ).

    Richard Davis sounds like a founding member of Occupy Wall Street, doesn’t he?

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