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Nip Bullock Family

Posted by JRW on March 16, 2017

Bailey Run, Ohio

Family of Mr. & Mrs. Nip Bullock look on as daughter Mrs. Betty Reed feeds baby, Daughter Betty’s husband is a former moulder now serving in the armed forces Betty pays all expenses for herself and baby, Reading from left to right -Shirley Bullock , age 9 yrs, -Mrs. Nip Bullock, Mr. Nip Bullock, Elsie Bullock age 11, Mary Bullock age 13, Mrs, Betty Reed and son Robt Eugene ge 6 months, Tommy Bullock age 5.  Home has two rooms and a kitchen.  No facilities of any kind .  Electricity may be had by the tent paying for wire to be put in.    The cabin rented for $6 a month.  It has been occupied by Mr. Bullock for 13 years. 

Mr. Bullock who is about 55 years old has been a miner all of his life.  Due to spasmodic work in the past he is still trying to get out debt.  Gross income for 1943 is $1.380.  Check off taxes and other taxes whittles it down to under one thousand dollars


2 Responses to “Nip Bullock Family”

  1. Dala said

    I believe the header is wrong, as it states “Nip Bailey Family of 14”, yet the caption states that the family’s name is Bullock.

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