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Monroe Cemetery

Posted by JRW on March 9, 2016




10 Responses to “Monroe Cemetery”

  1. Dennis wesney said

    Does anyone have directory of who is buried here ?

  2. Dennis wesney said

    Does anyone have a directory of who is buried here , ?

  3. Linda Toki Walters said

    Try the Perry County Library. I know there is a paperback “book” of listings of the different cemetery’s and people buried there. But I don’t know how accurate it would be. I know someone who has one, I will see if she still has it. I’m not sure who is over the cemetery.

  4. Scott Humpherey said

    unless there is a specific caretaker of the cemetery, which there usually isn’t, The township trustees must take care of it by law. Sometimes they get old cemetery records when it is turned over to them. you might try to locate the head twp trustee and ask there?

  5. Linda Toki Walters said

    I was there right before Memorial Day and was very disappointed. My grandmother’s grave is at the bottom left of the cemetery, right at the edge of the left side. Her’s along with 2 others, were totally missed, being over-grown with weeds and briars. My husband went over and cut it the next day. My brother had to do it last year.

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