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Shawnee, Ohio

Moxie Baketball Program 1949-50 v Shawnee

Posted by JRW on August 9, 2015

(click here to download entire program -pdf
moxiebbprogram49-50-1Johnny Toth, Dick Peyton, Kenny Simpson, Jack Harvey, Ray Tharp, Clarence Colvin, Ned Peart, Bill McGrath,Bill Leaman, Edward Hopkins, Pal Walker, Edmon Vest, Richard Reed, John McGrath, Bob McGrath, Bill Tokie, J.D. Gaddis, Bill McCLain, Ned Peart, Donald Craig, Diane Morgan, Edith Davey, Virginia Devey, Bob McGrew, Bob Kopis, Walter Harrop, Joe Kiener, Dick Newman, Donald Hammer, Joe Stenson, Gene Furney, Rodney Storts, Paul Stenson, Richard Merckle, Clifford Pierce, Max Grant, Roger Storts, John Gill, Gene Boley, Larry Black, Gene Huddelstein, Stanley Dutiel, Manford Merckle, Frank Ratliff, Lonnie Wilson, Dorothy Marolt, Doris Hutmire, Sally Wood, Margie Hill, Donald Plant, Georges] Musick, Paul McGreevey, Bernard Daugherty, Johnny John


One Response to “Moxie Baketball Program 1949-50 v Shawnee”

  1. Dottie Redfern said

    So many familiar Shawnee names! Even though we had moved to Columbus, I remember a lot of these people. Do we know who won the game?

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