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W.H. Rend in Wichita

Posted by JRW on February 6, 2015

May 1894



3 Responses to “W.H. Rend in Wichita”

  1. Michele Finneran Williams said

    What was the date?

  2. Publication: The Carroll Sentinel iLocation: Carroll, IowaIssue Date: Friday, June 1, 1894

    ‘ ‘ Say. Be Will Import Negroes. Pittsburg, May 27. W. P. Rend, ot Chicago, operator of the Jumbo mines, in the Panhandle district, has given his miners a week to return to work” or sub mit to having their places filled by im ported negroes. He has stacks of Win chesters and boxes of ammunition in his mine offices to enforce the resump tion. The miners are realizing that if Rend could get these mines in successful operation it would practically break the strike, and many of the men swear they will shoot the negroes if they are brought in. . . r

    > >

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