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Insiders at Evans Store Carbon Hill

Posted by JRW on July 16, 2014

Windy Smith, Henry Kammerly, Rudy Blosser, Garland Hawk, Andy Ballard, Charles Roby
Evans Family Collection



3 Responses to “Insiders at Evans Store Carbon Hill”

  1. Joan Hamilton said

    I have seen this picture before and it said it was in Stedwill’s store.

  2. Joan Hamilton said

    Evans Grocery had a counter and show cases on both sides of the store. Stedwill’s had a counter along one side and the other side was shelving. I am almost sure this is Stedwill store. Windy Smith lived just behind the store.

  3. Skip Ricketts said

    Windy Smith is the grandfather of Sue, Skip, Ron, Roberta and Debbie Ricketts, children of Betty Smith Ricketts.

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