The Little Cities Archive

Shawnee, Ohio

Rendville School Notes

Posted by JRW on March 28, 2014

Perry County Tribune
Perry County Tribune Delores Hill, EDward Butler, Norma Jean Plant, Vivian Owens, Vinton Smith Jr., Ruth Alfman, Richard Plant, Ralph Blackwell, James Jones, Alfred Hook, Cecil Butler, Yvonne Hill, Margie Smith, Arbadella Blackwell, Paul Alfman, Pamela Hill, Eugene Jones, Verna Pierce, Evelyn Burley, Norma Plant, Delores Hill, Delores Fountain, Edward Butner, James Hall, David Alfman, Clifford Murphy, Vinton Smith Jr., Vivian Owens, Wanda Jean Carmichael, Esther Ashby, Ronald Burley, Major Fountain



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