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Shawnee, Ohio

A Frightful Accident

Posted by JRW on March 11, 2014

day unknown
William “Peck” Hamrick. Herb Ward, earnest Morrison, Red Circle Mine
Jobs, Shawnee



2 Responses to “A Frightful Accident”

  1. F. Griffin said

    This is my grandfather, the father of my mother Mary Hamrick! He lived into his 80’s with us in McCuneville. I think he died around 1960. I am not sure when this accident happened, but I do remember the scars on his neck and face. I was hoping you could find out a date. If so, let me know.
    His eldest son Lester (‘Bud’) was chief electrician on the first electric shovel often pictured at the Kehota Mine up Dixie Hollow, in McCuneville. He was electrocuted there in 1921, while working under the shovel, again because they had not shut off the main in Shawnee. He was only 21 at the time he died. I don’t know if this happened before or after his father’s accident, the subject of this article.

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