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Shawnee, Ohio

Program for Grand Eisttedfod

Posted by JRW on March 4, 2014

5/29/1908 Welsh Churches, Indian Opera House, W.K. Redfern, WM. Edwards, W.E. Williams, Mordecai Jenkins, D.C. Jenkins, Gomer Davis, D.S. Roberts, W.H. Hughes, William James Shawnee



2 Responses to “Program for Grand Eisttedfod”

  1. Dorothy Redfern said

    My grandfather and my great-uncles (Jenkins). So nice to see their names again.

    • Evan WIlliams said

      These Jenkins are my great great Uncles. I am so impressed by their contributions to Shawnee life. My great Grandfather Edward Williams was married to their sister, Mary Jane. We might have some stories to share!

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