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Ed Gears -Jobs Miner

Posted by JRW on March 2, 2014




2 Responses to “Ed Gears -Jobs Miner”

  1. Matt Siegfried said

    This is Charles March (1866-1948) who came to Jobs Hollow from Vartofta, Sweden. He was a blacksmith for the mines and lived on ‘Swede Hill.’ He was related by marriage to the Gears’.

  2. Jacob Mohney said

    I’ve just found a picture of my great grandfather Charles “jake” Mohney in jobs hollow as a little boy, guessing around 1920-1925. I’m from Nelsonville and jobs hollow to me is between Butchtel and Murray city but Im also finding a lot of articles placing it out past Shawnee as well. Can anyone tell me the difference? Is one just Jobs and the other Jobs hollow, were they just both named the same after the owner? Trying to pinpoint and find out more about him and my family from these times but it’s making it hard than it should be. Any help is greatly appreciated

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