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Bob Moody Family 1900

Posted by JRW on October 18, 2013


1900 , Shawnee


5 Responses to “Bob Moody Family 1900”

  1. Mary Levy said

    Does anyone have any first/given names to share on this photo? Thanks!

  2. Mary Levy said


  3. Erin said

    Dick Moody is sitting on the ground with the dog on his lap. His brother Bob Moody is sitting on the ground with the chicken in front of him.
    Their parents, Henry (Harry) and Margaret Wright Moody are sitting in the chairs. I’m not sure about the sisters in the back row – I think from left to right they are Maim, Jess, Mary, and Lizzie…maybe.

  4. Mary Levy said

    The man in the chair is Henry Moody … on his left is his wife, Margaret Wright. The boy on the lower left is Henry “Dick” Moody and the boy on the lower right is Robert “Bob” Wright Moody.

    We have three possible names for the girls standing at the back … but cannot attach them to their owner:
    Mary (1880), Margaret (1882) and Elizabeth “Lizzie” (1886) … puzzled about a fourth girl????

    Anyone have more information???? Mary Levy

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