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Hermey’s Store

Posted by JRW on October 17, 2013

from the Corning Alumni History Panels (Business Panel)


6 Responses to “Hermey’s Store”

  1. Sharon Esselstein Carruth said

    Where was Hermey’s Store located?

    • Jennie Hermey said

      Hi Sharon….it was on S. Valley St., just a few doors down from Eichenbaum’s (same side of the street). It’s actually the only Hermey building still standing today…and the first one built.

      • donna hamtick said

        Jennie. If you receive this please contact me Donna Hamrick. Thank you

      • Jennie Hermey said

        Donna !! Not sure you got my first reply. I sent it on my cell phone, but was having connectivity problems. So….How are you…across the years & miles. Are you still living in Oh?

  2. Donna Hamrick Blake said

    Hi Jenny I hope you receive this message. Please email at :

  3. Jami Hamrick Williams said

    Hi, Aunt Dona!!!
    I am so thrilled you and my Dad have talked!!!
    I have had a fantastic time reading about my blessed Ohio!!!
    I am still searching for Papaw! 🙂
    My email is
    Are you on Facebook ?

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