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St. Francis Church, Chapel Hill

Posted by JRW on August 5, 2013

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4 Responses to “St. Francis Church, Chapel Hill”

  1. Paul Stine said

    Some in photo must have been Mallen. Michael, born en-route from Longsford Count, Ire.. Several Mallen families lived in a row at Chapel Hill, all related. Francis joined 75th , OVI in 1861. Brother James was lost in seige of Nashville, grave unknown. Francis Mallen is buried Warren Nat’l Cemetery, Marion , IN. He engaged in 26 battles, was caputrured, and exchanged three times. Fought in Florida as mounted Infantry..was explicit to my father, that horse shot from under him, and he escaped with saddle into swamps. Might have been Gainesville. Saddle, he said too heavy, so tossed it..but was charged “loss of horse equipment” against muster-out pay. I’ve documents of that. Dad, as kid, asked the ol’vet, “Did you run at Bull Run?” “Hell yes, I ran, and them that didn’t are still there!”..the old man told the kid. Regards. Paul

  2. Paul Stine said

    St.Francis, Chapel Hill, of Irish immigants, of which were Mallen family from Longsfords County, Ireland. There’s 1850 census, indicating, Mallens, living next door to one another, seperate houses, as relatives, on Irish Ridge. There’s two (2) Michael Mallen families..relative, but different household on that ridge. My relative was Michael Patrick, with wife Bridget, sons James, and Francis, and the daughters. The Irish sure make it tough, for researchers, as everyone, is either named Michael, Paddy, Patirick, or form of it. Inquire,regarding , and I’ll share what I know… ” Pvt. Francis Mallen, Co, E, 75th, O.V.I.,” remains inscirption , still on that remaining grave marker.. My father related conversations he had with Mallen. Most of which, was soldier talk, but all interesting.. Paul

  3. Paul Stine said

    Circa 1861, men of Chapel Hill, Dad said, all went to Cinci and joined the 75th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Why that outfit, and why go? Who knows? Brigade was McLean’s.. Perhaps, what was offered ’em, as promise goes, ” Not of son will you be forgotten, and all who fall, family be will granted a pension”. Didn’t work that way. Matter fact, claim filed by our Bridget Mallen for loss surpporting son James, died siege Nashville, TN, was denied. Absent limbs and mind, these men returned home, to nothing. Many into Soldier/ Sailor Homes, as our own, Francis, who lived ’til 1917. Mallen had engaged in 26 battles, captured three times, but had become difficult socially. Seems only who related to him, was his grandson, my father, but have only what Dad told me. I know some small specifics, and can relate as passed down to battle experience, so feel free to ask. I know bits and pieces of prision camps; but most, of last night night July 2, 1863, on E.Cemetery Hill. I know too, Mallen’s experiences as Mounted Infantry, Dept. of the South. All, handeled down from my father..acute in memory of his grandfather.

  4. Paul Stine said

    Our Pvt.Francis Mallen Co. E, 75th OVI, on Chinns Ridge, 2nd Bull Run, 3 PM, “Sun in our eyes, they came at us in simply a giant grey haze!” John Bell Hood’s Texan’s hit them so hard, it’s said the lines folded, like a hinge, and rank commecend firing upon one another. He told Dad: “At Bull Run, Hell yes, I ran, and them that didn’t, are still there!” Mallen was caputred, and sent to infamous Libby’s in Richmond, clearing house, for a hell called Belle Isle. Wrote of abuse, being beaten, denied food, and locked into some cage for having asking for water. Now history buffs differ, as to the account, but these were words Dad related to me…and came from his grandfather, who for sure was there. We’re not a family to mince words, so believe, it’s how Mallen described it to Dad. Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Charleston , Florida, were all more in experience, the lad from Chapel Hill.sure exerienced the “Elephant”, as even today, vets would say. Bless ’em all, but glad I wasn’t partcipant.. Paul, fmr. USMC

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