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Posted by JRW on October 9, 2012

January 14, 1960 New Lexington Herald

7 Responses to “Shawnee News”

  1. jaime brunton said

    What an exciting week for the MacEachens–their daughter home to visit and a new grandchild : ) Can’t wait to share this bit of history with my mom and Grandma Jan (MacEachen) Tokie. Thanks so much for posting this!

  2. Jaime Brunton said

    What an exciting week for the MacEachens–a visit from Nancy and a new grandchild : ) Thanks for posting!

    • Rob Dishon said

      Do you have any infor on Father Rodrick Mac Eachen and his sister Elizabeth Mesker?

      • Jaime Brunton said

        Hi Rob,
        I don’t know much, but I’m sure my Grandma Jan does. She has his obituary which pretty much told his life story and accomplishments. I will ask her about this and let you know.
        Also–do you have any information on Jobs Hollow/Greeleyville and the Greeley mine? I’m working on a project on Monday Creek and I’d like to find out more about the mining operations around the headwaters.

  3. Rob Dishon said

    I emailed the Catholic University of America and they had a file on Fr. MacEachen which they copied for me. His obit was included. I am in the process of writing St. Leo’s Abbey in Florida where he lived out his life and died. He really was quite a force and has a number of accomplishements to his credit, not the least of which is 34 books.

    As for the Greeley/Jobs mine this is what i have been able to find.

    The B&O made the connection at McCuneville the first of the week for the switch to Job’s Mine. The switch will be about 2 and a half miles long. The People’s Advocate, April 15, 1904.

    Of the 100 dwelling houses being erected at the Job’s Mine seventeen have been completed and fifteen others are near completion; The People’s Advocate, August 3, 1906

    The work of dismantling the Job’s mine is going on. Several cars are being loaded. The machniery etc is being shipped to Indiana mines. It is a big loss to this community as it gave employment to about 200 men when in operation. The People’s Advocate August 25, 1916.

    • Jaime Brunton said

      Hi Rob,
      That’s really amazing. And something of a coincidence as I lived on CUA’s campus for a short time. Thanks so much for the info on Greeley mine. I wrote to the National Mine Map Repository and got an electronic copy of the Greeley mine map from 1914. Not the best quality, but I’m hoping I can make out more details once I get hold of a magnifying glass. I’ll try to see if I can get any more personal info about Fr. MacEachen from my family and will let you know what I find out. Feel free to email me directly at if you come across anything else.

  4. Orla (Bugs) Coakley said

    Hi Bob..I have some conversation once in a while with Ada Vernon (widow of Don Vernon) and she shares memories of Straitsville. I have some books about Straitsville that I bought at the Historical Center. Bugs Coakley

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