The Little Cities Archive

Shawnee, Ohio

Bain Collection 4

Posted by JRW on July 26, 2012

Bain Collection 4

This is a partial list of  documents  in the Bain Collection that has not been entered onto the Archive website.
The actual documents can only be viewed in the LCBD office Shawnee, Ohio


  1. A collection of notes from Walter Ervin as a beginning for a possible book on Millfield History
  2. Included are notes on Chapters for the never finished publication
  3. Notes on ventilation of mines,Timelines and Millfield history
  4. The Poston family
  5. The Kozma family
  6. Interviews with retired miners
  7. Newspaper articles on Millfield life in general, and the Millfield Mine Disaster in particular
  8. Research notes on the skills of mining. Information on Bailey’s Run,
  9. Pictures of Jobs and Millfield  & Orbiston
  10. Negatives of Railroad train in Corning
  11. By-laws and minutes of Millfield Memorial committee

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