The Little Cities Archive

Shawnee, Ohio

Magazines/ Periodicals /Media related to Little Cities of Black Diamonds Region

Posted by JRW on July 15, 2012


These magazines have not been entered onto the Archive website.
They can only be viewed in the LCBD office Shawnee, Ohio

Located in Magazines to be sorted box

  1. Perspective Magazines—Spring, Summer 1999:  Includes articles on Black Diamonds, Stuarts Opera House, Tecumseh Theater, Hocking Valley Dig.
  2. Smoke in the Valley:  By William Winebrenner.  Brochure announcing publication.
  3. New Straitsville Today:  Issue 2, March, 1999, Issue 3, April, 1999.
  4. Poem:  By Patricia Shaw, Corning.  Printed in the National Library of Poetry–Outstanding Poets of 1998.
  5. Rural Report Magazine:  Winter, 1997. (Southern Perry County Museum, Shawnee)
  6. Pathways Magazine:  Summer, 1993, (Central Mine, Hocking Valley, New Straitsville); Winter, 1995. (Arts for All Grant, Cindy Yeager, Moxahala).
  7. Ohio Magazine:  May, 1994, A Tale of Two Perrys.  (School Funding)
  8. How General John Hunt Morgan Invaded Morgan County, Ohio.  125Th Anniversary Booklet.
  9. Howard Chandler Cristy, Morgan County, 1975.r
  10. Crossroads of a Community: History of Stuarts Opera House. 1998.
  11. Life in Our Time, Part II.  1925 to Present:  Shawnee 125th Anniversary Book.  (Copy)

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