The Little Cities Archive

Shawnee, Ohio

Little Cities of Black Diamonds Flyers, Programs, Announcements, No. 3

Posted by JRW on July 15, 2012

These documents have not been entered onto the Archive website.
They can only be viewed in the LCBD office Shawnee, Ohio

Located File Box 5, Slot 22

  1. Murray City Hungarian Potluck, February 2, 2000. Flyer.
  2. Southern Local Early Childhood Center.  Opening announcement.
  3. Corning Bank changing name to North Valley Bank, 1998.  Announcement.
  4. Burr Oak State Park Brochure.
  5. Rendville Dedication Day, July 18, 1999.  Flyer.
  6. Pioneers of Athens County, 1831-1850.  Brochure.
  7. Hocking Folk Festival June 6, 1999. Brochure.
  8. Corning High School Washington D.C.,  New York City Senior Class Tour, May 15-20,1957.  Agenda.
  9. Pottery Festival, July 15-18,1999.  Flyer.
  10. New Straitsville 4th of July Celebration program.
  11. Vernon Tharp Remembrance Program.  August 23, 1999.
  12. St. Rose Church List of Contributors, 1940.
  13. Rendville Emancipation Celebration 2000.  Program.
  14. Selectiv e Service  Meetings, Board # 3 Perry County, 1941. Announcement.
  15. Buckingham Coal Brochure.  Glouster.
  16. Wulf & Jerry’s CSA  Organically Grown vegetables.  Morgan County. 1995 brochure.
  17. Monday Creek News, July, 1995, November, 1995.
  18. The Hardest Vote.  Excerpt from The New Yorker, October 13, 2008.  (Glouster story in the article)
  19. Shipping Card for Hocking Coal from The General Hocking Coal Co. , Columbus, Ohio , 189__.

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