The Little Cities Archive

Shawnee, Ohio

LCBD Council/Sunday Creek Associates Projects Documents

Posted by JRW on July 11, 2012


This is a partial list of  documents about the LCBD Council/Sunday Creek Associates  that has not been entered onto the Archive website.
The actual documents can only be viewed in the LCBD office Shawnee, Ohio

Located in File Box 5, Slot 16


  1. MIRA Grant Proposal, 2000.  Establish Little Cities of Black Diamonds Council
  2. Hands-On Workshops:  Ohio School Net Program and Miller Computer  Lab
  3. Kids Summer:  Informational letter, 1996, SCA
  4. Kids Summer: Congo Summer Camp
  5. Little Cities of the Forest:  Newsletter,  Winter, 2009
  6. Little Cities of the Forest Expedition:  News Release
  7. Little Cities Tours:  Pre-Holiday  Shopping, November 3, 2004
  8. Lunch tickets for Tour de Forest
  9. Agents of Change Registration Booklet
  10. LCBD Council Purpose Statement
  11. Tour de Forest Lunch Tickets
  12. Appalachian Spring Program 2011
  13. About Sunday Creek Associates

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