The Little Cities Archive

Shawnee, Ohio

Civil War Soldiers Buried in Shawnee Cemetery

Posted by JRW on July 7, 2012

May 1918 The People’s Advocate

F.B. McGrew, Morgan Hughes, Henry Hazelton, John Welch, John Fleming, James Crosier, Thomas Cowey, James Driver, John M. Smock, Henry Opperman, Lorenzo Brown, Daniel Dougherty, Joseph Parkinson, James Wallace, Albert Ewing, Samuel Mitchell, Cyrus Johnson, Robert Knox, James Sheeler, Daniel Williams, John McCollough, Benjamin Thomas, John Alderman, Henry Baker, James Lloyd, JOhn D. Welch, Daniel Gamwell, George Nixon, Soloman White, Thomas McLane, James JOnes, Thomas Hires, Patrick Meade, Ezra Shreves, Samuel W. Butt, Soloman James, Erastus Francis, David McKee, Rufus Scurlock, David Bennet, John Mitchell, Daniel Miner, Francis McClain, Lewis Caten, Joshua Peart, Joseph Snider, Robert Miller, John Darby, Vinton Ervin, John Port=, James Gaddis, William Collins, Henry Ross, Henry Hazelton, George Barnett
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