The Little Cities Archive

Shawnee, Ohio

Bain Collection: Assorted binders and folders with copies of books or portions of books relating to mining history, and mining sciences.

Posted by JRW on July 7, 2012


These selections from the Bain Collection have not been entered onto the Archive website.
They can only be viewed in the LCBD office Shawnee, Ohio
Bain Cabinet, Drawer 2 

    1. Anthracite  Coal Communities by Peter Roberts
    2. Abandoned underground mines of Athens, Hocking, Perry County as of 1972 compiled by Ohio Division of Geological Survey  Binder of documents
    3. Abandoned Underground mines of Athens Hocking and Perry Counties ,mine numbers placed onto maps of the region. Binder of documents
    4. Abandoned Underground mines of Athens, Hocking, Perry, Meigs and Vinton County as of 1981. Compiled by Ohio Division of Geological Survey      Binder of documents
    5. The Archaeology of Mining and Miners : A View from the Silver State     by Donald L. Hardesty
    6. The Best Dressed Miners  : Life and Labor in the Maryland Coal Region 1835-1910   by Katherine A. Harvey
    7. Black Coal Miners in America by Ronald L. Lewis
    8. Buxton : Work and Racial Equality in a Coal Mining Community  by Dorothy Schwieder, Joseph Hraba and Elmer Schweider
    9. Campbell’s Creek: Portrait of a Coal Mining Community by Todd Hanson
    10. Coal   an article from the World Book Encyclopedia reviewed by the National Coal Association
    11. Coal and Your Environment by  The National Coal Association
    12. Coal, Class and Color: Blacks in Southern West Virginia 1915-32 by Joe William Trotter, Jr.
    13. Coalminers of the United States by Andrew Roy
    14. Coal Mining in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries by Brian Lewis
    15. Coal Washing : The story of the Meigs Number One Preparation Plant
    16. Discovering Past Landscapes by Michael Reed
    17. Facts about Coal  1991 by the National Coal Associatio
    18. Forgotten Frontier A History of Wyoming Coalmining by A. Dudley Garner and Verla R. Flores
    19. From the Molly Maguires to the United Mine Workers   by Harold W. Aurand
    20. Hard Places: Reading the Landscape of Americs’s Mining Districts by Richard V. Francaviglia
    21. Housing by Employers in the US  from the Bureau of Labor Statistics
    22. Houses from Mining Towns by Joseph H. White
    23. History of The Coal-Mining Industry in Ohio by Douglas L. Crowell
    24. The Impact of Unionism…  pages from an unknown book
    25. Inventory of resource materials on mining located in Alden Library includes list of United Mine Workers District 6 papers in Alden Library dating from 1890-1949. Annual Mine Inspection ‘Reports, Commissioner of Labor reports, other Government Laws and Commission reports, Sanborn Insurance Maps .
    26. Invisible America by Mark D. Lean
    27. King Coal: A Pictorial  Heritage of West Virginia Coal Mining by Stan Cohen
    28. Landscapes in America by George F. Thompson
    29. Life, Work and Rebellion in Coal Fields by David Alan Corbin
    30. Little Cities of Black Diamonds by Ivan M. Tribe
    31. Miners, Millhands and Mountaineers by Ronald D.Eller
    32. The Model  Company Town by Shawn S Garner
    33. Power Powerlessness: Quiescence and Rebellion in an Appalachian Valley and by John Gaventa
    34. Russell Lee, Photographer by F. Jack Hurley
    35. St. Clair: A Nineteenth Century Coal Towns Experience with a Disaster -Prone Industry by Anthony F. C. Wallace
    36. Theirs Be The Power   : The Moguls of Eastern Kentucky     by Harry M. Caudill
    37. The Union and the Coal Industry by Morton S. Baratz
    38. The United Mine Workers of America: A Model of Industrial Solidarity?   by John H.M. Haslett
    39. United States Coal Commission Report of 1925
    40. West Virginia and Appalachia    from The West Virginia Council for Geographic Education edited by Howard G. Adkins
    41. What’s a Coal Miner To Do?   By Keith Dix
    42. Where the Sun Never Shines : A History of America’s Bloody Coal Industry    by Priscilla Long
    43. Work Relations in the Coal Industry: The Hand-Loading Era, 1880-1930 by Keith Dix, Institute for Labor Studies , West Virginia University

Bain Cabinet, Drawer 2

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