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Historic Information General

Posted by JRW on June 28, 2012


Here is a partial list of Historic Papers in the LCBD Archive that has not been entered onto the Archive website.
The actual documents can be viewed in the LCBD office Shawnee, Ohio
File Box 5, Slot 12 

  1. A Coal-Mining History of Ohio, Ohio Geology Quarterly, 1995
  2. The Claycraft Brick Company, 1943 Survey of Operations in Shawnee, Ohio
  3. Rolling hills, ‘black diamonds’ lured settlers to Perry County, Mary Beth Lane, Columbus Dispatch, July 31, 1999
  4. The Town of Shawnee Interesting Historical Scraps-from People’s Advocate and reprinted in New Lexington Tribune
  5. St. Mary’s School, Shawnee, Ohio, Partial list of graduates, 1894-1943-St. Mary’s Founding Members, Notes from Commissioner of Common Schools Annual Reports 1880-1943
  6. Union Clay Worker magazine, March, 1928
  7. Shawnee Had Its Ups and Downs And Basketball Rivalries (copy of news article, Murra Fowler)
  8. Congo Newsletter, Committee for Historic Preservation, December, 1995
  9. The History of the Village of Trimble by Harry Sharp

10. Historical Sketch of Jacksonville, Athens County

11. List of Coal Mines on Hocking Valley Railway

12. Map of Ohio showing Indian Trails and Towns, circa 1776

13. Shawnee story by Michael Griffin

14. General Business Review of Perry County, Ohio, 1888 (Xerox Copy)

15. Nelsonville:  The 19th Century, a Timeline of Historic Events, compiled by the LCBD Council, 2005

16. Schools of the Past that are now Nelsonville-York

17. Souvenir Visitor Guide, The Sawyer-Curtis House, Little Hocking, Ohio

18. Wayne National Forest Celebrates Black History Month

19. Dedication Concert of the Koehnken and Grimm Pipe Organ, St. John’s Lutheran Church,  Chehalis, Washington(special recognition to Shawnee St. Mary’s Catholic  Church, and Father John Drees)

20. 100th Homecoming Day for Beech Grove  Christian Church, August 26, 2007, Glenna Palmer

21. LCBD Brochure

22. Materials List for Shawnee Bandstand, Eva Bradley

23. History of Shawnee,  Copy from Diocese of Columbus 1868-1918

24. Journey Through The Years , New Straitsville Centennial, 1870-1970 (copy)

25. New Straitsville Stories That Have Shaped Our Experience, 1994 New Straitsville Local History  Tent

26. Early Labor in Southern Perry County: A Little Cities of Black  Diamonds Exhibit. October 9 thru November 20, 1994, Southern Perry County Museum, Shawnee, Ohio

27, History of Garrison’s Hardware by William Dunlap

28.  Corning Alumni Program 1984

29.  Meet Recipes from Hartley Grocery, Corning

30. Community Exchange Postcard, Shawnee

31. Corning School

32.  Nell Bell’s Shortbread Cookie REcipe
33.  Corning Treasurer Check

2 Responses to “Historic Information General”

  1. Ken Hermey said

    How do you open up the blue file boxes to see the info when I click on a file box it just opens another file box on another page. Ken

    • JRW said

      Hi Ken – Sorry for the confusion. The blue file box is an icon indicating that the documents listed here are only available at the Little Cities Archive in Shawnee not online. Next time you are in the area stop by and check out the Little Cities Archive in downtown Shawnee.

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