The Little Cities Archive

Shawnee, Ohio

Shawnee Documents No.2

Posted by JRW on June 26, 2012


Here is a partial list of documents about Shawnee in the LCBD Archive that has not been entered onto the Archive website.
The actual documents can be viewed in the LCBD office Shawnee, Ohio

Located in File Box 5, Slot 7

  1. Saltlick Park 75th Anniverary Celebration Announcement 1996
  2. Shawnee Homeoming Flyer 2000
  3. Christmas in the Park Program 1994
  4. Library Dedication Invitation, Calendar of Events Shawnee 1996
  5. 50th Anniversary Shawnee Methodist Church Program 1967
  6. Shawnee New Straitsville High School Junior Class Play Program 1963
  7. Tecumseh Park Souvenir Book 1952
  8. Tecumseh Golf Scramble Flyer Joe Lichtenstein
  9. Shawnee Village Restaurant Adv.
  10. Community Exchange Adv.
  11. 1907 Shawnee Commencemnet Program
  12. History of the Shawnee Fire Department 1987
  13. 8th Annual Shawnee Preseervation Day Flyer 1987
  14. Historic Preservation Flyer 1999
  15. Preservation Day Flyer 1994
  16. Preservation Day Poster 1994
  17. Preservation Day Poster 1995
  18. Preservation Day News Release 1996
  19. Preservation Day Planning Docuemtn 1995
  20. Preservation Day Flyer 1990
  21. Shawnee Public School Letterhead O.E. Hearing W.C. Roberts Walter Harrop
  22. Christmas Card Henry and Hazel Hughes
  23. Blue and Gray News, Shawnee High School, Senior Edition, Edith Fluhart copy.
  24. 1992 Shawnee Alumni Program

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