The Little Cities Archive

Shawnee, Ohio

Shawnee Documents No.1

Posted by JRW on June 26, 2012

Here is a partial list of documents about Shawnee in the LCBD Archive that has not been entered onto the Archive website.
The actual documents can be viewed in the LCBD office Shawnee, Ohio

Located in File Box 5, Slot 4

  1. 1901 Graduation Program
  2. 1926 Reunion Program
  3. Shawnee New Straitsville High School Chorus,
  4. Shawnee Alumni 1967 Program
  5. Jr. Sr. Banquet Program Cattie Harrop
  6. Basketball Schedule 1953-54
  7. Alumni Banquet 1989
  8. Catherine Nicholas Harrop Class Assignment
  9. Shawnee Tour Map Rob Dishon
  10. 125th Anniverary Meeting Announcement
  11. Welcome to Shawnee Brochure 1992
  12. Montell Hill Celebration Announcement 1998
  13. Fundraising ticket 125th Anniversary
  14. Knights of Pythias Letter 1905
  15. K of L Musicale Program Prof. Vaughn


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