The Little Cities Archive

Shawnee, Ohio

Little Cities of Black Diamonds Flyers, Programs & Projects-No. 1

Posted by JRW on June 22, 2012

This  is a list of documents about Little Cities of Black Diamonds Documents in the LCBD Archive that has not been entered onto the Archive website. 
The actual documents can be viewed in the LCBD office Shawnee, Ohio

Located in File Box 5, Slot 2

  1. Corning Chautauqua 1998 & 1999
  2. Haydenville Chautauqua 1999
  3. LCBD Day Post Card
  4. LCBD Day 1998, LCBD Day 1995
  5. LAFF Camp
  6. Congo Homecoming 1996
  7. LCBD Day 2000
  8. Congo Hello Newsletter 1997
  9. Wayne National Forest New Address
  10. Watershed Day Camp Announcement
  11. New Straitsville History Group Newsletter Laura Thrapp
  12. Letters of Support to Sunday Creek
  13. Watershed Group
  14. SPiCYAM
  15. Meeting Notes for Southern Perry Citizens for a Clean Environment Kim Hannah
  16. Award Announcement-LCBD Council. 2006 Ohio Preservation Office Award
  17. Corning Chautauqua 2006 Politically Speaking
  18. Help Support New Straitsville Lion Club 1997-98
  19. Rendville Artworks Open House
  20. Creation Vacation Art Workshop 2005
  21. SPiCYAM Brochure
  22. Proposal Rutherford Wetland Trail
  23. Urban Forestry Forum 2001
  24. Southern Perry Business Center
  25. New Straitsville History Group 2002 Connie Dunkle
  26. Opening Southern Perry County Museum and Railroad Exhibit 1993 Elaine Higgins
  27. Majestic Galleries Opening Nelsonville 200328. Thank You Letter to New Striatsville History Group for Partnership Leadership Development program 1998-1999

    29. Celtic Festival

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