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Mine No. 2 Jobs, Ohio

Posted by JRW on June 13, 2012

Mine No. 2 Jobs, Ohio

The mine operated untill 1940.  It was a slope mine – there were two mines (NO 1 and No 2) served by one tipple.  They used horses to  pull mine cars out of the mine and perform other haulage chores.  The stable for these horses could accomadate 125 horses.  The hill along the track, with the RR cars at the base is a pile of slack coal. Jobs, Hocking County

from Walter R. Ervin

2 Responses to “Mine No. 2 Jobs, Ohio”

  1. Nathan Mohney said

    My grandpa Denver Todd Mohney worked and lived in jobs with his dad inal mohney

  2. Mike Halaiko said

    My maternal grandfather, Joe Callahan, and his eldest son, Richard Callahan, both from Ball Street in New Straitsville, Ohio, used to hitch-hike down to Jobs, and work one of the mines there.

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