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W.E. Williams $1 Token

Posted by JRW on April 15, 2012

The nature of W. E. William’s business is currently not known.
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4 Responses to “W.E. Williams $1 Token”

  1. James Murphy said

    William E. Williams was a tinner and sheet metal manufacturer, born in Wales in 1845, came to the United States in 1869, was a coal miner in eastern Pennsylvania, Pomeroy, and Shawnee. He moved to Shawnee in 1872 and started his business in 1876.

  2. Mary Morgan Levy said

    Wasn’t William E. Williams an Insurance Agency in Shawnee???

    • Rob Dishon said

      This token predates Mr. Williams insurance agency. Its from the late 1890’s first 10-15 yrs of the 1900’s

  3. Lynne Newell said

    William Williams came to Glouster in 1891 and opened a bakery and grocery at 52 South High St. Could the token be from this business?

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