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Shawnee, Ohio

XX Coal Mine Office

Posted by JRW on April 6, 2012

XX Coal Mine Office

Shawnee, Ohio

One Response to “XX Coal Mine Office”

  1. Rob Dishon said

    This photo shows Daniel, C Jenkins on the left and Robert Reddy in the middle. The man on the right has never been identified. D.C owned the XX mine. He and his brother owned Shawnee’s largest store which was located on the spot where the old post office was and the vacant lot next door. The business was started by their father John D. Jenkins, an immigrant from Wales who had a business on Main Street by 1880. He later served as Perry County Commissioner when the Court House was built his name being carved into the stone at the top of the front steps. D C.’s son Daniel served as Perry County Probate Judge in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

    Robert Reddy served the company as book keeper.

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