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Shawnee Baseball Team (2)

Posted by JRW on March 13, 2012

Shawnee Baseball Team

Drew Davis Collection

2 Responses to “Shawnee Baseball Team (2)”

  1. J Scranton said

    I’m pretty sure the player in the buttoned sweater in the back row on the far right is my grandfather, Richard Thompson. He played baseball for the Northern Ind. State League also, around 1910, 1912. Not sure when this photo was taken.

    • Drew Davis said

      J, I have no names for the players on this team. I believe this picture was taken in 1908. My grandfather, Floyd “Froggy” Turner is seated in the first row far left. Floyd also played baseball in Indiana, Illinois, Iowa which was called the Three I League around 1909 to 1917. Do you have any more information on your grandfather or anything about baseball in the Shawnee area or the Northern Ind. State League please let me know. Drew Davis,

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