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The End – The Peoples Advocate Ceases Publication

Posted by JRW on February 2, 2012

The End - Advocate Ceases Publication

The Peoples Advocate
John G. Fleming

2 Responses to “The End – The Peoples Advocate Ceases Publication”

  1. Robert Wolfe, Murray City said

    I’ve been a printer all my life. I have to feel a great deal of empathy for this very eloquent writer concerning the death of his little newspaper. “Good Will is indelibly enshrined in the storehouse of memory”. It is now Mr. Fleming.

  2. Rob Dishon said


    Mr. Fleming was quite a fellow. He rode the very first train into Shawnee in 1872 as a waterboy and spent the rest of his life in Shawnee. Before taking up the paper business he was a blacksmith and was involved in the local assembly of the Knights of Labor. He served several terms as mayor. He was a steadfast democrat and when Shawnee had a republican newspaper also he and other editor squared off weekly on the issue’s of the day. Sadly no complete record of his 52+years in print exists but in the 1980’s almost 40 years after he stopped publication approximately 500 issues were gathered up and microfilmed which is housed at OU’s Alden library. His ramblings are a significant source of history for Shawnee and the people who lived here.

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