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St. Augustine’s School, New Straitsville, May 8, 1953

Posted by JRW on January 28, 2012

St. Augustine’s School, New Straitsville, May 8, 1953

Thomas Lawson, Francis Miller, Donald Montell, Miohael Callahan, Billie Joe Hillis, DickyAnderson, Dennis Hatem, Roger Hillis,
Charles Fuchs, Joseph Montell, James Friel, Dicky Hoy, Patrick Wohrle, Roger Waldie, Ricky Hoy, Sister Georgiana, Patrick Hatem, Bernard Montell,
Lawrence Hatem, Paricia Morgan, Rita Griggs, Marta Shipley, Shirley Miller, Wanda McLean, Mary C. Anderson, Nancy Begley, Mary Margaret Lawson, Rita Hillis, James McLean, David ArkleyJohn Begley, Sister Laurana, Jack Casey, Frank Arkley, Larry Lanning, James Fuchs, Leila O’Hare, Juanita Miller, Norma Lucas,  Carolyn Hillis, Diane Hillis, Mary Lou Hatem, Nancy Lucas, Thomas Montell, Donald Lawson, Jane Hillis, Carolyn Friel, Ruth Lucas. Helen McLean, Carol  Lawson, Tonya Baroody, Mary Margaret Arkley, Regina Anderson, Mary Catherine Callahan, Vicki Lanning, Rose Denny, Carl Miller, Francis Waldie, Jack Fuchs, Charles Spicer, Richard Denny, Donald Fuchs, Paul Wohrle, Harry Morgan, Jack Arkley, Theodore Lawson, John Switzer, Jerry Maher, Neil McLean.
New Straitsville
From the Fuchs Family Collection

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