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Mcdonald Farm

Posted by JRW on December 17, 2011

Mcdonald Farm

One of First Homes in Southern Perry


3 Responses to “Mcdonald Farm”

  1. TIm said

    Might this be the farm of John McDonald (1793-1855) and Margaret Farrahey (1801-1881) who emigrated from Ireland ca. 1822, settled in Moxahala, and are buried in South Fork Cemetery? … or perhaps their descendants??

  2. jwinnenb54 said

    My understanding is that John McDonald came to Monroe Township in 1814 along with a Mr. Dew. They have been known as the first European settlers in Monroe Township which is just south of Moxahala which is in Pleasant Twp. McDonald settled near present day Drakes where this photo is taken (just east of today’s Miller High School). Mr. Dew settled on Irish Ridge Road near the Athens/Perry County line not far from today’s Burr Oak Lake. This could be the same person, however I’m not sure.

  3. E.I.E.I.O! FORGIVE ME I COULDNT RESIST, I hope this does not offend anyone!

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