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Mrs. Blanche Gibbon leading Tecumseh Day Parade

Posted by JRW on October 24, 2011

Mrs. Blanche Gibbon leading Tecumseh Day Parade 1941

DO-PH-930, August 6, 1941
Judge John D. Davis’ car,  a 1938 Coupe, in front of Shawnee Grill.
The Shawnee Archives

12 Responses to “Mrs. Blanche Gibbon leading Tecumseh Day Parade”

  1. F R Miller said

    Wow, that’s interesting. Looks like from the cars it must have been late 1930s. The route sign looks like it says 73 and 155. Should be 93 or was it renamed? And wow, the Shawnee Grill, forgot all about that. Wasn’t that almost next door to Mitchell’s boarding house; in fact perhaps that’s it with someone standing on the balcony? I seem to remember that doorway between the buildings. And notice the blacktop patches on the roadway! I thought they did better work back then. (:-!

  2. Rob Dishon said

    FR, the date on the back of this photo is August 6, 1941. The Shawnee Grill was in the old bank building with is currently the Desperado Bar. I am not familiar with Mitchells Boarding house, can you tell me more? The Building next to the bar was historically referred to as the Treadwell Building, it was lastly Margaret Huston’s restaruant. During this time, St. Rt 93 was St. Rt 75.

    • Raymond Miller said

      Mrs. Mitchel’s name was Nellie. I forget her husband’s name but am pretty sure her son’s name was Don. He would have probably been about 20 in early 1950s. I think the Mitchels only boarded one or two people at a time. When I and my brother were there it was just the 2 of us.

      Her house was either blue or a blue grey color and on the top side of Main Street, i.e. the side toward the high school. Buddy Severn’s market was not quite but almost across the street.

      I cannot remember all the details but the Mitchels were related to the Shannons, Millers and Babbs. George Shannon and Nancy Jane Babbs were my great grandparents.

  3. Rob Dishon said


    I never knew the Mitchel’s actually ran a boarding house. They lived in a real boarding house that was originally called The Valley House. The building was built prior to 1875 and as such was probably one of the first buildings built in Town. Unfortunately as i sit here on main street writing this to you, the Mitchell building and 2 others are being scooped up into dump trucks and hauled away the result of short sighted town officials who decided these buildings were no longer a viable part of our historic fabric and that vacant lots are more photogenic then intersesting old 140 year old buildings. If you have any pics of the boarding house or any pics of main street during the time you were here we would love to see scans of them and would post here on the site for others to see.

    • Bugs Coakley said

      Hi Rob..I remember when you had a finger severed in the ‘manual training’ class on a ‘joiner’ I went with you downtown to Chappy Price. It’s nice to notice you’re still living

    • R Miller said

      Oh no!! I noticed yesterday when I was looking at the town on Google Earth that there seemed to be a lot of empty spaces. It’s sad that these old houses on Main Street are gone because this is one of the very few places in the U.S. where this type of architecture was left. Now there will only be memories and when we’re gone only pictures but no one around to explain the wonders of these charming buildings of yesteryear. What a tragic loss.

      • Rob Dishon said

        I agree 100 percent, however, those who are in charge dont see it that way. I have had people from all over the state express their regrets that we have lost more buildings on our main street. It still amazes me that our town leaders and own residents have not been able to grasp the importance and the uniqueness of the architecture we have here and that every effort should be made to save it rather then bulldoze it. But i for one plan to keep up the good fight.

  4. Rob Dishon said


    The Robert you are thinking of, from New Straitsville, has unfortunately passed away. I dont have an exact date as to when he died but it was in the last year or so. That Robert and I are distant cousins from a common ancestor who came to the area of Perry County Ohio before 1820.

    Rob Dishon

  5. Dottie Redfern said

    Hi Rob,

    I am in the Tecumseh Day picture, with my marching “partner,” Sharon Mollenkamp. My dad, Kelly Redfern, is standing on the sidewalk, hands on hips, grinning at me, and I was turned toward him. He’s wearing a white shirt and standing closest to the car. I have a print of this picture somewhere, but had forgotten it. It’s fun seeing it again.

    Dottie Redfern

  6. Rob Dishon said


    So glad you were able to find yourself in the picture. Let us know if you come across any other photos we would loveto add scans of them to our collection. If you get back to Shawnee look me up, i am back in Shawnee full time now. Grandma always enjoyed your visits.

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