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Shawnee, Ohio

Haydenville Homes 1940-50’s

Posted by JRW on October 8, 2011

Haydenville Homes 1940-50's


2 Responses to “Haydenville Homes 1940-50’s”

  1. Raymond Miller said

    Do you mean these homes were built in the 40s and 50s or the picture? This picture was taken much later than that. The car is a 1951 Plymouth 2 door and it’s badly rusted out. Chrysler products of that era were very solid cars. It would have taken it 5 years, probably much longer to get that rusted out, especially considering that road salt was not commonly used before the 1960s. In Shawnee and Straitsville I recall cinders being used. The picture is too small to see the license plate clearly but providing it’s an Ohio plate the only yellow one in the 50s was 1950 and it was a very pale yellow. The next use of yellow was 1960 and after that 1971 before the state went to permanent plates. This picture is no earlier than 1960 at the least and more than likely this is the 1971 plate and that dates the picture.

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