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Coal Mines Working

Posted by JRW on August 29, 2011

DO-NC-40, from the New Lexington Herald, 1/31/1940

Claybank No. 116,  DryDock No. 225, Rendville No. 9, Poston No.6, Hannah Essex, Doty, Chauncey No. 25, Carrington No. 107, McKinley No. 27, Doty No. 24, Black Diamond No. 50, Sunday Creek No. 90, George Jones No. 267,  Congo No. 217, Coonville, Carbondale, Kimberly


7 Responses to “Coal Mines Working”

  1. robin riddlebarger kalish said

    I would love to hear more about Coonville. I just bought property there and want to learn more about Coonville history.

  2. Rob Dishon said

    Everybody here at the Little Cities office are a bit stumped as to the location of this community. Can you tell us which county and township it is located in

  3. robin riddlebarger kalish said

    it’s in Starr twp. On Hwy 56 in Hocking County. It’s between the village of Starr and laurel run rd. on 56. I have heard some stories from some neighbors about the mine and a building that is now a home in Coonville, it used to be the store where the miners bought nitro, explosives, etc. The property I got had two miners shacks on it, previous owner buried them. Can I submit Coonville info as I find it? Is this the correct way to submit it?

  4. Josh Peters said

    I been tryin to learn more about this as well, my brother used to live in the yellow house right on the corner about a quarter mile from coonville rd. I have explored the whole area alot……even way back in the woods there are foundations and wells….as soon as you turn onto coonville rd, about 15 ft past the bridge on the left there is an old logging rd that serves as an access rd to a 9.5 acre lot, there are old wells where the mines shacks ued to be….there was an old house on the 9.5 acre lot but jim martin (who used to own it/or may still own it) tore it down, i used to love exploring that area….i know alil more on that area if yur interested?

    • Robin Riddlebarger Kalish said

      Hahaha yes i bought that property from Jim. It is great land. I was just there this weekend working on my campsite. You can still see the 2 wells and the spot where the shacks were. Hopefully I’ll be able to put a roof on the barn. Its made of that pretty yellow Haydenville Block. I hope i can save it & use it again. I have had fun finding old bottles and artifacts all over the property. That piece of land was a dream come true. Tell me more!!

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