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A Wild Engine Creates Terror in the Sunday Creek Valley

Posted by JRW on August 24, 2011

New Lexington Tribune
December 9, 1886. pg 2

Transcribed by Rob Dishon

A wild Engine
Creates Terror in the Sunday Creek Valley

Kills Women at Rendville and mangles the body past all recognition

Last Monday, about noon, as Engine No 7 of the Toledo & Ohio Central Railroad was on its return from helping a heavily loaded coal train to the tunnel, about a mile east of New Lexington, it stopped at Moxahala to await orders as to the condition of the line between that place and Corning, and while the engine was standing on the main track, with on a green fireman aboard it at the time, another engine appeared coming rapidly down the line in the rear, whereupon the fireman in his fear and bewilderment thru open the throttle, and when he found the engine was moving rapidly, jumped off the unencumbered engine. With steam up and throttle wide open, sped on down through Rendville and Corning at the rate of 60 miles an hour creating consternation among residents of these two populous towns.

Quite a number of people were on the track in both Rendville and Corning and between the two towns, and it is marvelous that the loss of life and limb was not great. As it was a lady about 60 years old, believed to be Mrs. O’Toole was run over in Rendville and killed, and her body mangled past all recognition. Some of the clothing as identified as belonging to Mrs. O’Toole and as she is missing, there is now little or no doubt about the identity of the unfortunate women. Her unexpected, sudden and frightful death was well calculated to create alarm and arouse indignation. The wild engine, which had the cause of so much commotion, kept on its way down the line into Athens County, where it was eventually run down and captured.

Amid numerous and somewhat conflicting accounts of the affair the forgoing is believed to conform very nearly to the facts in the case. At any rate it is the best account of the transaction obtainable at the present writing

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