The Little Cities Archive

Shawnee, Ohio

German Celebration in Corning

Posted by JRW on August 8, 2011

New Lex Tribune, October 28, 1886 pg 3
The celebration on last Saturday by the Germans who came to this valley 5 years ago (October 16)was a time long to be remembered.  Many difficulties attended them on account of not being able to speak the English language and a deep prejudice manifested upon their arrival, occasioned them to be exposed to ridicule and contempt.  By industry and economy they have overcome many obstacles and by faithfulness to their word and honesty in paying their debts they have come to rank among the first of our citizens.  To recount the many hardships and suffering through which they passed in the five years now closed, owing to the closing of mines, 12, 15 and 19 would fill a volume and they have just reason to rejoice that amid suffering, loss, privation, removal to other mining localities and deaths so many of them are left in the valley and in such prosperous circumstances. [Corning Times]
transcribed by Robbie Dishon

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