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New Straitsville Mine Fire reported in journal

Posted by JRW on June 9, 2011


excerpted from: Engineering and mining Journal,  January to June 1885  



Tbe Columbus & Hocking Valley Coal and Iron Company’s mine No. 5, at Straitsville, was burning January 11th, having been set on fire the night previous. The mine has not been in operation for some time, although it is one of the largest in the country, having a capacity of about Vi’t cars a day. The entrance to tbe mine has been closed.

At Weatbersfleld, the Leadville shaft has shut down for an indefinite time, throwing a number of men out of employment. Tbe Pine Hill shaft has been idle one week on account of breaking their pump. The pump has been repaired and work will be resumed.

Following tbe example of tbe Hocking Valley operators, tbe Sunday Creek men have formed a combination for mutual benefit and to advance tbe interests of those concerned. The parties to tbe combination are the Sunday Creek Coal Company and the Sunday Creek Mining Company, which have consolidated under the name of the former, with a capital stock of $250,000. The consolidation was effected on January 1st. The officers of the company are: President, J. S. Morton; Vice-President and General Manager, G. G. Hadley ; Secretary and Treasurer, J. Derthick. The company has two mines in full operation, with a daily capacity of 2000 tons, and recently purchased 10C0 acres of additional coal lands.


Actual Page from Mining Journal

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