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Posted by JRW on April 10, 2011

from the


A treatise on the manufacture of coke and other prepared fuels and the saving of by-products, with special references to the methods and ovens best adapted to the production of good cokefrom the various American coals (Google eBook)

International textbook company, 1905 – Technology & Engineering – 476 pages


The following is a description of a Liihrig coal washery for fine coal screenings, designed and equipped in 1901 by the Link-Belt Machinery Company, of Chicago, Illinois, for the Buckeye Coal and Railroad Company, of Nelsonville, Ohio, that has a capacity of 100 tons per hour. The design was to assemble the screenings from a number of coal mines in the Hocking Valley field to a convenient point. unload them, wash them, and send the cleaned coal to market in fine sizes, known in the market as domestic egg, No. 1 nut. No. 2 nut. No. 3 fine, and No. 4 fine.

The coal screenings were to be delivered either in hopper-bottom or gondola cars. Hopper cars, it was believed, could be unloaded on one track at the rate of 100 tons per hour, and track No. 1, Figs. 31 and 32, was set apart for this purpose. Under this track there was constructed a concrete hopper about 40 feet long and holding a carload of coal. From this hopper, the coal was taken to the elevator a by means of the right-and-left screw b, as it was

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