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Shawnee, Ohio

Hocking Valley Brick Company, Nelsonville

Posted by JRW on April 10, 2011

Member of National Paving Brick Manufacturing Association

The American city, Volume 13

By Arthur Hastings Grant, Harold Sinley Buttenheim

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Alliance Clay Products Co., Alliance, Ohio.
Alton Brick Company, Alton. 111.
Athens Brick Co., Athens, Ohio.
The Burr Clay Co., Streator, 111.
Bessemer Limestone Co.. Youngstown. Ohio.
Big Four Clay Co., Canton. Ohio.
Boone Brick, Tile & Paving Co., Boone. Iowa.
Brick & Stone Company, Wayneshurg. Pa.
Burton-Townsend Co., Zanesville, Ohio.
Carlyle Paving Brick Co.. Portsmouth, Ohio.
Cleveland Brick & Clay Co., Cleveland, Ohio.
Clinton Paving Brick Co., Clinton, Ind.
The Coshoction Brick Co., Coshocton, Ohio.
Deckman-Duty Brick Co., Cleveland, Ohio.
Denny-Renton Clay & Coal Co., Seattle, Wash.
Harris Brick Company, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Hocking Valley Brick Co., Nelsonville, Ohio.
John Kline Brick Co.. WicklifTe, Ohio.



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