The Little Cities Archive

Shawnee, Ohio

D.M Rodgers Store Corning with names

Posted by JRW on March 14, 2011


From the Jo Frasure Collection

L to R: Mrs. Marshall Wright, Mrs., Wright (Lee’s mother) Mrs. Mary Lamb and 4 children,  Mrs. Susie Rodgers, Mrs. Tuck Hardy, Mrs. Diamond, Mayme Hardy Rodgers, Mrs. Kate Hardy, Wallir Quinn, D.M. Rodgers, Harold Rodgers son, Mrs. Amelia Morris and baby, Mrs. Julia Ferguson, Mrs. Amy Spray, Mrs, Charlotte Chute, Lilian Alderman, Mrs. Luther Morris, Mrs. Deime, Stanley Brown, Mrs. Finneken, Majorie Foraker, Mrs. Roberts, Mrs, Viola Foura, Mrs. Hut Dew & Mother (Mrs. Johnson), Mrs. Edna Atkinson and mother, Mrs, Ellen Charlton, and son Edward


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