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News Clip 68 Rendville Early

Posted by JRW on March 8, 2011

LC-NC-68 An early recollection of Rendville Perry County Tribune Bob Frame, Wes Tharp, Adam Clayton Powell, Henry Tolliver, Mayor Tuppins

2 Responses to “News Clip 68 Rendville Early”

  1. Vernon said

    This is a great document. I am currently working on my dissertation, which analyzes the life and preaching of the Rev. Adam Clayton Powell, Sr. Rendville proved to be his proverbial “Damascus Road.” That you to those who posted this article and those who run this site. It has been a great help to me in understanding the town and people of Rendville during the end of the 19th century.

  2. Rob Dishon said


    Keep watching the site, we are adding more Rendville material all the time. We are currently scanning out of the 1883-85 New Lexington Tribune and adding those articles so there is more to come.

    Make sure to let know about the outcome, we would love to add a copy of your work to our physical Archives in downtown Shawnee.

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