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Samuel Eichenbaum

Posted by JRW on February 21, 2011

The Democratic party of the state of Ohio: 

a comprehensive history of democracy in Ohio from 1803 to 1912, including democratic legislation in the state, the campaigns of a century, history of Democratic Conventions, the reverses and successes of the party, etc, Volume 2 (Google eBook)
SAMUEL Eichenbaum was born in Zeboro, Hungary, near Budapest, and attended the grammar school in his native country until 1869. He then came to the United States and in 1870 went to Cincinnati and became a clerk in a retail grocery. In 1873 he moved to Shawnee, Perry County, and became a clerk in a dry goods store. In 1881 he settled in Corning where he clerked for two years and then went into the dry goods business for himself. 

Mr. Eichenbaum is one of the best known Democrats in Perry County and has taken an active part not only in the work and councils of his party but has been a prominent factor in the public affairs of Corning for many years. He was elected a member of the council in 1882 and served one term. He also served as Postmaster under Grover Cleveland’s administration from 1885 to 1889. He was also elected Treasurer of the corporation, and has been President of the School Board for sixteen years. Four times he has been elected Mayor of Corning and is now serving his fourth term. When he was first elected the town was two to one Republican but its political complexion has changed very materially, owing in no small degree to the ability and personality of Mayor Eichenbaum. His ability as a public official and the interest he takes in the welfare of his community have made him universally popular and he has been elected to every office for which he has been a candidate. He is a regular attendant at all county and judicial conventions and was a delegate to the state convention that nominated James E. Campbell for Governor in 1889. Mr. Eichenbaum was assistant secretary of the convention at Delaware in 1895 which nominated two candidates for the State Senate, George L. Pagett and William Lawrence. The convention being split, Mr. Pagett started a movement for a new convention and Mr. Eichenbaum speaking in reference to this said: “I agree with Mr. Pagett in restoring harmony and unity to this district. In the interest of Democracy a new committee should be called. In my judgment the committee should call a new convention and nominate some man who has not been a candidate before at the Delaware convention and this district will send a Democratic Senator to the next General Assembly who will be of some assistance to the next Democratic Governor. I also suggest that if a new convention is called the 28th of August will be a good day and Zanesville a good place. The delegates can remain there for the State Convention.”

Mr. Eichenbaum’s father, Isaac Eichenbaum, was a merchant in Germany. His mother was Eva Steele Eichenbaum, who is still living. In 1883 Samuel Eichenbaum married Fanny Rosenberg of New York City. They have two children, Sol and Bertha. Sol Fischer Eichenbaum is a graduate of Corning high school and is now employed in his father’s store. Miss Eichenbaum attended Denison University one year and is now a student at Western Reserve at Cleveland, Ohio. Samuel Eichenbaum is a Thirty-Second Degree Mason and has passed through all the chairs. He is a member of the Blue Lodge of Corning.

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