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Posted by JRW on February 21, 2011

Annual report of the commissioner of railroads and telegraphs
For the year ending 1874

By Ohio. Commissioner of Railroads and Telegraphs


This company filed its certificate incorporation with the Secretary of State April 3, 1867 (Record of Corporations No. 4, p. 247), to construct a road from Newark, via Somerset and the Valley of Monday Creek, opposite Straitsville, in Perry County, to a point on the northerly side of the Hocking canal, adjoining the coal yard of Peter Hayden, situated near his store on or near said canal.

The company procured a conveyance September 1,1869, from the surviving purchasers of the Scioto and Hocking Valley Railroad—sold at judicial sale May 19, 1863—of that part of its old road-bed, masonry, etc., lying between the crossing of the Cincinnati, Wilmington and Zanesville Railroad (now Cincinnati and Muskingum Valley Railway) and Newark. (The southern portion was purchased January 26, 18(i4, by the Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad Company.) The line was placed under contract, and at date of report, June 30, 1871, was completed from Newark to Somerset, twenty-four miles, and operated by the contractors in connection with construe I ion. The road was subsequently completed to Shawnee, a total of forty-four miles, and January 1, 1872, was leased to the Sandusky, Mansfield and Newark Railroad Company, to be equipped and operated by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company, for the term of fourteen years and eight months from and alter April I, 1872, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company paying all expenses incident thereto, and to pay the Newark, Somerset, and Straitsville Railroad Company 30 per cent, of the gross earnings of the road, out of which the payment of interest on the bonded debt, §-‘00,000, is secured; lease renewable at the end of first term for twenty years additional, and so on, from time to time—twelve mouths’ notice to be given previous to the expiration of any term of a desire to surrender the same by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company.

The road since that time has been operated in connection with the “Central Ohio” and ” Lake Erie” Divisions of that company.

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