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Athens County Mine Inspections 1910

Posted by JRW on February 21, 2011

Luhrig Nos. 1 and 2.

Situated at Luhrig, O., on the B. & O. S. W. Operated by the Luhrig Coal Washing and Mining Co., Charleston, W. Va. Sherman Shull, Luhrig, O., Supt.: John Gibbs, same place, mine boss. Shaft opening, 150 ft. deep; No. 6 seam, 5 to 7 ft. thick; double entry system; fan ventilation; equipped with electric power; machine mining; motor haulage; 159 loaders, 16 machine men, 72 day men employed. May 18th and 19th, inspected mine, requested safety hole made at the 19th, west switch stand: ventilation fair considering the long distance it travels, and the choked conditions of air course; advised that an additional opening be made in the interior workings of No. 1, for an escapement way, and to increase the ventilation; otherwise conditions satisfactory. August 16th, mine generally in fair condition; an order was given to provide an interior opening, to conform with the provisions of the new code, which requires two traveling ways; also an increase in, volume of air, and control openings in old extensive mines. It was agreed between Company, Mr. Harrison, Chief Inspector, antf myself, that if an opening was commenced at once and finished within 60 days, that mine would be permitted to operate while improvement was being made. November 11th, found new shaft, 12 by 8 ft. in the clear, 204 ft. in depth, 12000 ft. from the original openings, with two compartments and a winding stairway in one, the other to be used for an upcast for the ventilating current. We are pleased to report that this is a great improvement to the property, as well as a relief to everyone concerned. Conditions generally were satisfactory.

Luhrig No. 3, or South Side of No. 2.

Operated by the same Company, same management: employs 103 loaders, 10 machine men, 51 day men. March 15th and July 18th and 19th, conditions were found satisfactory, except, ordered an additional traveling way be made. August 6th, was called to investigate the cause of the death of Raymond Walker, a miner, who was killed by a fall of coal, while working down a standing shot, in Room No. 5, on main west entry. October 18th, former order complied with; mine generally in good condition.

Canaanville No. 1.

Situated at Canaanville. O., on the B. & O. S. W. R. R. Operated by the Canaan Coal Co., Athens, O. Geo. Welsh, Canaanville, O., Supt.; Chas. Coleman, same place, mine foreman, resigned, succeeded by Henry Shires, resigned, succeeded bv Geo. Bell. Shaft opening, 450 ft. deep; No. 6 seam, 4 to 6 ft. thick; double and triple entry system; fan ventilation; equipped with electric power; machine mining; motor haulage; 129 loaders, 16 machine men. 74 day

men employed. March 16th, north side found in fair order. May 20th, found ventilation becoming deficient; ordered brick stoppings built between north and south entries, also the doors renewed and hung so they would close of their own accord. May 27th, found orders complied with and ventilation doubled in the interior of mine. July 20th, in good condition. September 21st, south side in good condition. October 19th, made partial inspection and found conditions satisfactory. December 21st, south side found in good condition, an additional boiler has been installed, separate from the main steam plant, to be used in case of an emergency, as the only means of escape is derived from steam power. This mine generates considerable gas, but it is well taken care of.

Kisylvania No. 23.

Situated at Trimble, O., on the K. & M. R. R. Operated by the Hisylvania Coal Co., Columbus, O. Enoch Blower, Trimble, O., Supt.; Chas. Jones, Gloi’ster, O., mine foreman. Slope opening, 450 ft. long; No. 6 seam, 6 ft thick; dovble entry system, fan ventilation; electric mining and haulage; !>0 loaders, 8 machine men, 31 day men employed. Four inspections were made. February 9th. May 3rd, July ‘J6th and October 25th, conditions were found good.

Northern Fuel No. 24.

Situated one mile southwest of Jacksonville, O. Operated by Chas. Cohenour, receiver for the Northern Fuel Co., Columbus, O D. L. Wallace, Glcust;r, O., Supt.; John Cox, Trimble, O., mine foreman. Shaft opening, No. 6 seam, 6 ft. thick; double entry system; fan ventilation: equipped with electric power; machine mining; motor haulage; 155 loaders, 16 machine men, 55 day men employed. February 8th and 10th, the mine generally was in fair condition; re- quested that check be placed between rooms Nos. 11 and 12, on the 7th west, and also dust removed from the haulage roads. May 9th, in fair condition. July 28th, advised that a door be placed at outside end of 6th east north switch, and man holes made along motor road; also obstructions removed on the way leading to the escapement shaft. September 26th, my former orders were complied with, except man holes were only partially made; the mine generally was in fair order. November 14th, was in fair condition. December 27th, visited mine to investigate the cause of the death of Anthony Wuksi, who was injured August 26th by a fall of slate, on 4th east entry, and died December 17th. Made partial inspection and conditions were satisfactory.

Bailey Run.

Situated one mile south of Jacksonville, O., on the K. & M. R. R. Operated by Bailey Run Coal Co., Corning, Ohio. C. R. Monsarrat,. Corning, O., Supt.; Wm. Dixon, Millfield, O., mine foreman. Slope opening, 100 ft. in length; No. 7 seam, 4 ft. thick; double entry system; fan ventilation; equipped with electric power; machine mining; mule haulage; 35 loaders, 4 machine men, 8 day men employed. January 14th. visited mine on complaint of miners, in regard to air, was found in good condition, except one room, which was beyond the limit without breakthrough, the same was stopped. March 23rd, in good condition, also June 24th, ordered that stretchers be provided, and that substantial material be used for stoppings between inlet and outlet of air. September 14th and December 15th, in good condition.

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