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Athens County Mine Inspections 1910

Posted by JRW on February 21, 2011


ISAAC HILL.’ Composed Of The Counties Of Muskingum, Perry And Morgan. Hon. George Harrison, Chief Inspector of Mines, Columbia, O.

Dear Sir :—In compliance with custom of the Mining Department, 1 herewith submit to you my second annual report of the Fourth Mining District, composed of the counties of Muskingum, Perry and Morgan, beginning January 1st and ending December 31, 1910.

During the early part of the year the coal trade was very good in southern part of Perry county, and continued so with several mines during the entire year, but in the Crooksville district work was suspended April 1st and remained so until November 5th, which represented the largest portion of my district.

One hundred and ninety-two (192) visits were made. Improvements were as follows: Fans, 9; second openings, 2; furnaces, 1. Four sets of scales tested and found all weighing correctly. Five days were spent in oil fields. Forty-six visits were made to mines in Muskingum County and three days spent in oil fields. In Perry County one hundred and thirty mines were visited and two days spent in the oil fields, and in Morgan County, three visits at mines. In Athens County, six visits were made and two days were spent in Jefferson County.

In discharging my duty as District Mine Inspector, I have visited mines as often as the duties of my office would permit, considering the time mines were in operation.

I regret to report four fatalities during the year: Norman Smith was killed by fall of roof in the Elk Mine, March 2nd; Alex. Angle was killed by empty cars on motor switch in Central mine, September, 28th; Walter Snedden was killed by fall of roof in No. 9 mine at New Straitsville, O., October 17th; Charles Reed, killed in machine shop at Chapmans No. 1, December 17th.

My official dealings with both operators and miners have been pleasant. There have been some small grievances, but they were amicably settled.

In conclusion, I desire to extend my thanks to you, and all the Mining Department, for the advice rendered me in the discharge of my duties.

Respectfully submitted,

Isaac Hill, Zanesville, O.,

Inspector Fourth District.

December 31, 1910.

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  1. A family member recommended me to this site. Thnx for the resources.

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