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Shawnee, Ohio

Buchtel Watering Trough

Posted by JRW on February 4, 2011



One Response to “Buchtel Watering Trough”

  1. Patty Roe said

    When our grandparents across the highway lost their water because the well went dry, we used to come down every weekend from Lancaster to fill up big water containers for them and pull them back to their house in a little red wagon. Their names were Arthur and Carrie (Potter from Job’s Hollow) Wetzel. Their sons were Arthur (who died from appendicitis when young), Lewis, and Ralph. Their daughter’s name was Mary Margaret. Their white clapboard house used to stand across the road from the Wayside Inn. Grandpa used to have a German made barn at the back of the property which is what he lived in with his parents when he was young, until the house was built. There wasn’t one nail in it. It was held together with pegs. In the hillside at the corner of the highway grandpa had a coal mine deep inside the hill. I have many good memories of that place and my time with our grandparents, aunts and uncles.

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