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Shawnee, Ohio

Store at Jobs Hollow

Posted by JRW on January 30, 2011


3 Responses to “Store at Jobs Hollow”

  1. My name is Candy Lynn Brooks. I am a descendant of the Brooks & Lonberger Family’s that lived in Jobs Hallow. My mothers name is Rosa Jean Lonberger/Brooks.I have always wanted to know about the people that lived there

  2. Van Lonberger said

    Hi. My name is Van Lonberger and I lived in Job’s Hollow as a child. My father was named Virgil Vern Lonberger and my grandparents were John Wesley Lonberger and Rose Ellen Lonberger. My uncles were named John, Walter, Eugene and Gail. My aunt was named Sis (Waveline). She was married to Ernest Katzenbach. Tell me something about your Lonberger relatives.

    • ctaylor93 said

      Hello Van,
      Little Cities archive is not one person but a group of people. I personally have no connection to The Little Cities as I come from a different county in Ohio, as for the others I am unable to comment. I did take a quick search through our archive and miners registry and sadly was unable to pull up anyone who has your last name. If during your time on the site you do find one of your family members please let us know so we can add them!

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