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The Postons of Nelsonville

Posted by JRW on January 28, 2011

From THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF OHIO (1903-1912) Edited by Thomas Powell

WEBSTER WESLEY POSTON was born at Nelsonville. Ohio. June 29. 1844. and was educated in the schools of his native village. with the exception of one year at the Ohio University. In 1860 he began working for his father in the general store but subsequently took up agriculture and mining and his time is now principally occupied with his coal and farm lands. the latter receiving most of hi sattention.

Mr. Poston has taken a deep interest in the success of the Democratic Party in his life. a fact which was recognized on June 23rd.1911. when Governor Harmon appointed him a member of the Board of Review. In 1888 he was a member of the committee which had charge of the meeting at Nelsonville when Allen G. Thurman made what Mr. Poston describes as the greatest speech that Nelsonville ever heard delivered to the largest crowd that Nelsonville ever saw. He cast his first vote in 1865 and his first presidential vote in 1868.

He was a guest and speaker at the Tilden Banquet on General Jackson Day. January 8. 1876. Columbus. Ohio. He was at the National Convention held in Cincinnati. Ohio. 1880. when Gen. Hancock was nominated for President. He also attended the National Convention held in Chicago when Grover Cleveland was nominated for President in 1892.

Mr. Poston’s parents were Wesley Webster Poston. who was born in Romney. Virginia. in 1810. and died in Nelsonville. 1875. and Mary E. (Dew) Poston of Nelsonville who died in 1892. Mr. Poston has been twice married. His first wife was Hattie O. Cooley. who died in 1870. leaving one son. Wesley Poston. In 1873 he married Belle Garland Cresap of Logan. Ohio. Two sons and one daughter were born of this marriage. Webster Cresap. Charles Eugene and Mabel LeFevre.

Frank W. Poston resides in Nelsonville. At the age of sixteen he was graduated from the Nelsonville High School. He attended the Ohio University and Marietta College. commencing his business career by taking charge of his father’s flouring mill. He is now the local agent for the Ohio Fuel Supply Company.

Webster C. Poston after graduating from the Nelsonville High School was appointed agent for the Ohio Fuel Supply Company and is now Auditor of the Federal Gas and Fuel Company.

Charles E. Poston graduated form the Nelsonville High School after which he took up the study of music at Oberlin College. but also studied vocal music under Sidney Loyd Wrightson of Chicago for five years and perfected himself on the pipe organ under the instruction of James Watson. He is Director of the Conservatory of Music at Greenville Female College. South Carolina. It is one of the oldest schools in the South. Prof. Poston is also organist at the First Baptist Church at Greenville. South Carolina. Prof. Poston possesses a highly cultivated baritone voice and directed a campaign quartette which sang during the barnstorming trip through Hocking County with Allen O. Myers. who was campaigning for Horace Chapman. the Democratic candidate for Governor in 1897.

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