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Annual report of the Chief Inspector of Mines of Ohio, Issue 20, 1895

Posted by JRW on January 27, 2011

DO- DOC-184

‪Annual report of the Chief Inspector of Mines of Ohio, Issue 20, 1895

Excerpted sections for inspections for Hocking, Perry and Athens Counties from the 1894 Ohio Mine Inspections Report—

More references to mines in these counties can be found in the report specific to accidents, deaths and injuries sections of book, as well as how these counties ranked in various categories specified.  Many spellings are lost via digital scanning of original text.  The Google site also has pdf style pages that can be referred to that provide the copy of the original document, which can be referred to for corrections.


Inspector of the Third District, from November 15, 1893, to November 15, 1894. Hon. R. M. Haseltine, Chief Inspector of Mines:

Sir: I herewith respectfully submit my third annual report of the mines of the third district for the year ending November 15, 1894.

In the four counties comprising the district I have visited 206 mines during the year. I also visited one mine in Athens and one in Hocking county, making a total of 208 mines visited by me. Of these, 134 have been visited once; fifty-eight twice; ten three times; two four time*; one five times and one six times, making an aggregate of 301 visits.

The permanent improvements may be classified as follows: One new fan erected, six furnaces built, twenty air shafts%sunk and eighteen second openings made. There were twelve mines which stood suspended during the year, seventeen which were abandoned and twenty-five new mines which were opened up.

There have been three sets of scales tested of which two were out of order and inaccurate and one correct.

Five fatal accidents have occurred during the year, as follows: At the Findlay mine, Muskingum county, on January 10, 1894, Lewis.Beitcher was killed by a fall of slate; at No. 21 mine of the Sunday Creek Company, Perry county, on March 15, 1894, Stepaen Keeler was fatally injured by the explosion of a keg of powder while filling a cartridge, the victim dying from his injuries March 24,1894. At the N6. 27 mine of Calvin Essex, Perry county, on July 20, 1894, Michael Maloy was fatally injured by a fall of slate, dying from the effects of the accident August 7, 1894. At an air shaft which was being sunk on the property of the Shawnee Coal Company, Perry county, on October 10, 1894, John New was fatally injured by rocks falling down the shaft, dying from h e injuries November 5, 1894, and on October 18, 1894, at the No. 3 mine of the Brush Creek Coal Company, Muskingum county, Geo. Hysell was killed by a fall of slate.

The general suspension of the coal industry during the summer has rendered the returns much smaller than they would otherwise have been. For the same reason quite a number of our visits were ineffective, as the mines were repeatedly found idle and no person on the premises.

I report with pleasure that the harmonious relations existing between the operators and miners of my district and myself during the preceding two years, have continued unbroken throughout the year just closed. Thanking them for their kind and courteous treatment, and you especially for your cordial co-operation and kindly advice, I am, very respectfully,

R. H. Miller, Inspector Third Districi,

Shawnee, Ohio, November 16, 1894.

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  1. Cinda said

    My GR Grandfather was Lewis C. Lewis, a miner. His father Thomas J. Lewis, also a miner came from Wales. Anyone know anything about wither of them>

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