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Mass Meeting (Union)

Posted by JRW on January 24, 2011

From New Straitsville Independent, Thursday, June 7, 1883

A Mass Meeting

A Mass Meeting was held here on Friday last for the purpose of discussing the double check system that the operators purpose introducing in Straitsville. It ,as being the rule in Straitsville Mines heretofore, when two men worked in a room that both men used the same check on the bank car, and at the end of each month the coal filled would be equally divided by both parties , each one paying his share of expenses and standing his share of docks that may accrue during the month, which seemed to be agreeable to the miners. Now comes the question as to whether the double check system will work or not.  A portion of the mines in the lower valley have been working under the double check system for some time and were satisfied until it was introduced in Straitsville, then it must be broken up and Straitsville men must do it.  The meeting was called to order by the chairman and after carefully discussing the double check system it was RESOLVED:-That all miners working under the syndicate and other companies oppose any such proposition made by the operators.

Also that the Chairman appoint a committee of two to attend the convention that was to take place in the M.P. Church at 1 o’clock notifying them of the result of the Mass Meeting.  The meeting then adjourned.


At 1 o’clock P.M. , the Convention was called to order by the President Chas. Call, and the following delegates answered to their names:

W. Crayton, of Brier Hill

Wm. Fouler, of Poplar Run

John Bearman, of Murray City

Pat Graham of Buchtel

T. Fitzgerald, of Carbon Hill

D. Hill, of Sand Run.

Robert Archable, J. H. Taylor, P.  Powers and Isaac Morris of Straitsville.

The  following Resolutions were passed:

1st. RESOLVED- That the double check system be done away with.

2nd. RESOLVED:- That all free turns be stopped.

3rd. That the powder  check be done away with immediately.

4th. That the monthly meetings of the delegates cease for the present.

The Meeting then adjourned.

Proceedings of Syndicate Mass Meeting

Held at Carbon Hill on Tuesday, June 5, 1883, by the miners and operators of the Syndicate.

Meeting was called to order by Mr. C. Evans. Mr. Ed Call, of New Straitsville, was chosen chairman of the meeting ,and Mr. McKenzie, of Carbon Hill was chosen secretary.

A motion that all business of the meeting be decided by a delegate vote, of each mine in the Syndicate, was carried.

Mr. Job and Mr. Barry were, upon motion, admitted into the meeting to discuss the present grievance.

Over an hour was then devoted to a discussion of the troubles by the operators and miners.

A motion was made to abolish the free turn system, which was carried unanimously.

Upon motion, the powder grievance was taken up.

A motion was made, and carried, that, in future, the weigh boss of any mine, where it is inconvenient, or where it is a long distance from the powder,  hold powder checks and issue them to miners when called for, or exchange them for store checks.

The single check system was then taken up and a motion made that the single checks be accepted, which was carried, after being amended to read that the single checks be accepted till the first of July.

A committee of three was then selected to receive the propositions of the Superintendents. C. Evans, M. David, and Lovit were chosen as committeemen.

A motion was then made that no one mine under this Syndicate will come out on a strike, without all come out together. The motion was carried.

A motion was carried that the Secretary of the meeting will authorize the District Secretary to call a District Convention to take place in Straitsville on June 16, 1883, for the purpose of electing district officers.

A motion to adjourn  was then made.

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